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Halloween Escape Room – Double Digit Multiplication – Digital or Paper

This Halloween Escape Room Activity offers both digital and paper-based formats for students to practice multiplication strategies. Includes hidden codes, clues, and teacher resources. Digital format on Google Slides, paper format for limited technology use. Includes recording sheet, hints, and answer key. Copyright restrictions apply.


30 + Google Slides
PDF, Google Apps™
Answer Key Included

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This Halloween Escape Room Activity is provided in both a completely digital format and a paper-based format. Both formats require students to figure out hidden codes by using the clues found on the Haunted House picture cards and by solving multiplication problems with a focus on the partial products (box or window pane) method. This is a great way to add a little fun to Halloween this year while practicing multiplication strategies! Perfect for 4th grade but could be used in 5th grade too!

There’s also a quick teacher intro video to get you started.


You can use the links below to check whether the technology will work on your students’ computers. Some districts have filters blocking outside links.

►Make sure you test using a STUDENT computer!

Test that Google Slides Work! (You’ll be asked to make a copy!) (

Test that Google Forms works in your class! (

The digital format is completely paperless (except for the recording sheet)! It is housed on Google Slides. It is also prep free! The locks to enter the next room are created by figuring out the code that becomes a part of the URL that leads to the next Haunted House.

The paper format is great for classes with limited technology use or districts with strict website filters. The paper format prints 4 to a page to save on paper and can be printed in color or in black and white (although color is advised.)

Both formats include a recording sheet, hints to help students if they get stuck, and an answer key. A teacher guide is also included!

Copyright information:

Purchasing this product grants permission for use by one teacher in his or her own classroom. If you intend to share with others, please purchase an additional license.

Happy teaching!

Rachel & Cassi

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40 reviews for Halloween Escape Room – Double Digit Multiplication – Digital or Paper

  1. Tammy Smith 4th

    Mys students loved solving the riddles and I loved that it was math. What a fun break before Halloween.

  2. Kristen G.

    My students enjoyed playing this.

  3. Tracy E.

    Great resource!

  4. Sunni R.


  5. Amy Gandee

    We worked on this escape room as a whole class activity the day before Halloween. My students absolutely loved it! I projected the resource and we used whiteboards to solve the problems. I manipulated the screen and we celebrated our success as we went along as a class. Great team building!! It was amazing to watch my students as they solved the puzzles. I had a few students who struggle in math really take to this project because they could add their logic in addition to solving the math problems to work their way through the escape rooms. They were happy to get to contribute! I loved the idea because you had to put the address in precisely to get the proper result as I demonstrated on the projector. Kids need to be shown and should practice how to put in a proper URL. I am excited to purchase more assignments like this!! Please make more!!

  6. Jennifer L.

    My 4th graders had a lot of fun solving the riddles.

  7. chelsea S.

    Tried to do this activity using Ipads. It was hard for my students, because they needed to type in the url every time they solved a problem. We were anticipating it being more interactive.

  8. danielle M.

    Thank you! Loved this

  9. Robin Plata

    So fun! Thank you!

  10. MunozSuperLearners

    It took me a bit to figure out the first one so i could explain it to my students but once I did it was a lot of fun.

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