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Learn a few new methods for employing creative and critical thinking in your class. Despite a focus on reading, these can be used in any content area!

Creative and Critical Thinking

My name is Hillary Kiser, and I have been teaching for seven years now. Rachel was so sweet to allow me to be a guest on her blog and talk about Creative and Critical Thinking. Thank you, Rachel! I hope you all enjoy this post and learn a few things about incorporating creative and critical

fun classroom activities that students will look forward to

Market Day

Please welcome our guest bloggers for today, Deserae and Michelle of The Rigorous Owl! They’re a pair of teachers who have been doing something called Market Day in their classroom for a long time, and they want to walk you through setting up and facilitating your own Market Day for your students!   Want to

Cooking in the classroom is a fun--but often messy--activity that you can do to integrate all content areas. Of course, reading is integrated, but you can also teach things such as the scientific method, measurement, and even the history of foods!

Cooking in the Classroom

Hi there! I’m Rachel Haltiwanger from The Cozy Learning Cottage, and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to post on Minds in Bloom! I’ve spent my whole teaching career teaching elementary English learners either here in the US or abroad, and one of my favorite ways to integrate content, language skills, and collaborative learning is

Overwhelmed by all of the educational apps available? Our guest blogger has narrowed down her list to the only five apps you need. See what you think of the apps on her list!

The Only 5 Apps You Need

Hello Everyone! I am Erin from rrrErin2Learn and am so excited to be guest blogging for Minds in Bloom! I can’t remember life before I started focusing on ed tech in my classroom, but it was only two years ago that my technology administrator handed me a couple of iPads and the password to download

It's often hard enough to find time to squeeze in vocabulary instruction, and when you do find the time, it's a challenge to make it fun. Our guest blogger shares a variety of tips not only about how to make time for vocabulary instruction but also about ways to make vocabulary instruction engaging.

How to Make Vocabulary Instruction Engaging

Dawn is our guest blogger today, and she’s sharing her ideas on how to make vocabulary instruction engaging for our students. Read on to see what she suggests, and be sure to comment with which strategy you can’t wait to try in your classroom! Abolitionist, expedition, alliance, excerpt – all of these are words your

Teaching the solar system is always fun in elementary school; students love learning about outer space and other planets. Our guest blogger shares three tips for making a solar system unit even more fun by including STEAM elements! Click through to get more details for the upper elementary classroom.

3 Tips to “S.T.E.A.M.” up Your Next Solar System Unit

This is Meghan Vestal, from Vestal’s 21st Century Classroom, and I am honored to be a guest blogger for Minds in Bloom! Recently, the science trend has changed from S.T.E.M. to S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Math). We all know hands-on learning makes a lesson memorable for students, and integrating art is a great

How can I use humor and laughter as a teaching tool for my students?

5 Ways to Use Humor in the Classroom

My name is Jeanine, and I am the girl behind the giggles at Third Grade Giggles! I am so honored to be guest blogging for Minds in Bloom, especially about my favorite topic: LAUGHTER! Charlie Chaplin said, “A day without laughter is a day wasted,” and I couldn’t agree more! But can laughter really be

What are some ideas to make learning fun for my students?

10 Ways to Make Learning Fun and Engaging

Hi there! My name is Heather, and I blog over at HoJo’s Teaching Adventures! We all know that in today’s high stakes testing world, it can be hard to make learning fun and engaging. That’s why I want to share 10 ways to make learning fun with all of you here at Minds in Bloom

Try out a combined reading and writing unit with a mysteries theme in your classroom! Students will love opportunities to solve mysteries and expand their comprehension skills!

It’s a Mystery to Me!

Today, we’re welcoming Sharon from Classroom in the Middle! She’s sharing her ideas on a combined reading and writing unit with a mysteries theme. Are the finer points of reading comprehension and written composition still an elusive mystery to your students? To one degree or another, reading and writing can be a bit mysterious to all of

fun science activities for the classroom

Sliming You with Science

Rebecca from Science Girl Lessons has brought us a super fun and hands-on post today: It’s all about slime! Even if you’re not a science teacher, I bet you’ll want to make slime and get your hands dirty with this one!   I am so excited to be guest blogging today about one of the

Kids love to dance--we all know that. So why not incorporate dancing in the classroom? When implemented intentionally and with structure, dancing in the classroom is a fun way to build community, let off steam, and make memories!

Tips for Dancing in the Classroom

Renee Dawn of Teacher Ink is with us today, sharing her ideas on how to incorporate dancing in the classroom. She shares several fun ways to get your kiddos up and moving in a safe and fun way!   Here are some cool tips and links for dancing in the classroom every day. Dancing is

what are some project ideas for teachers to do with their kids over the summer?

Summer Projects for Teachers and Their Kids

Minds in Bloom is pleased to welcome Sharon from Classroom in the Middle! Enjoy her post full of ideas for different projects that you can do with your kids during the summer months! One summer, a project of mine was to learn to make pizza dough from scratch. Another summer, it was to learn to

Boys can knit. Wait, what? The surprising history of knitting is that it started with men and was once a prized skill. While knitting is often associated with females today, boys can try knitting in school during read aloud time so that they have something to do with their hands. This is a great activity for kinesthetic learners!

Hobbies for Kinesthetic Learners: What Do I Do With My Hands During Read Aloud Time?

Hobbies for kinesthetic learners: Archery Target shooting Knife sharpening Tomahawk throwing Knitting Wait. What? Boys don’t knit!   I bet when you think of knitting, you think of a little old granny in her rocking chair. But do you know who dominates the history of the art of knitting?   Men. Macho men, in fact.   Knitting is a perfect quiet activity

how to use art in the classroom

5 Simple Ways to Integrate the Arts

Hi friends!  It’s me, Tammy, from Literacy Loves Company!  I’m so excited to share with you a few simple ideas to integrate the arts into your day-to-day curriculum!  Before we begin,  I’d like to send out a big THANK YOU to Rachel Lynette for inviting me to guest post!  I’m truly honored.   I am

End of the Year Reflection Questions for Students

Reflecting Well: A Guide to Ending the Year

School’s almost out! Grab these Free End of the Year Task Cards to keep your kids thinking right to the end. These cards are a great way to reflect on the year. Each one features a different prompt for discussion or writing! There are 20 prompt cards, plus four bonus cards that go a little

Decorating your classroom can take up so much time that could be better used elsewhere. Use these tips to help you limit the amount of time you spend decorating, including enlisting students and parent volunteers, planning ahead, and reusing things from year to year.

Tips for Decorating Your Classroom

Hello! I’m Patti, Rachel’s guest blogger from Primary Wonderland. I’m grateful to her to be sharing about decorating your classroom today!   Have you noticed that the time to take care of your physical classroom has gone by the wayside?  By physical I mean the walls, the bulletin boards, and those ceiling hooks that cry out for something new

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