Using Our Math Kits with Distance Learning

Math Kits with Distance Learning

Math Workshop doesn't have to be hard!

Math Kits with Distance Learning
math workshop kits

Since my very first year teaching, I’ve been obsessed with student-centered classrooms.  I found that hosting a math workshop was the best way to keep kids having fun and learning.

But, as much as I wanted a true math workshop format in my class, I was  limited by my lack of resources. The textbook just didn’t cut it.  It seemed like I spent just as much time scavenging and creating good resources as I did teaching them.  When I asked other teachers what was holding them back from hosting math workshops in their classrooms, it was always the same answer:  They didn’t have the time to plan it all.

I knew that I could help, and that’s how our Math Kits came to life!

Our math kits are designed to help you implement a math workshop by providing resources for student-centered learning. They are perfect for face-to-face teaching, but they are also great for distance learning.  If you’ve been on the fence about picking up some kits of your own because you’re worried they won’t work with your distance learning, this post will help you decide.

Using Math Kits with Technology

Our math kits consist of about 10 different resource components.  (You can see them all on the table below.)  Each kit includes an activity that is only provided in a digital format, but each kit also includes some digital options for paper-based activities. There is a digital self-grading version of the quiz and a gamified version of the traditional task cards.  This gives you flexibility in how you want to use the resources with your students. 

Math Kits with Distance Learning
Math Kits with Distance Learning

The digital games and activities include a video for students to watch so that they can learn how to complete the activity.  The video can stream right on the slide from YouTube or you can download the video and share it through your Google Drive. 

Modified to add Technology Options

Because our math kits are designed to help you implement Math Workshop, they each contain materials for a partner game that can be used in a station or rotation and materials to help run your small group lessons.  Because partner games and teacher stations require parts, pieces, and manipulatives, it’s not always possible to use them in a distance learning situation.  However, whenever possible, digital options are included.  This may mean a completely digital version of a board game or a digital version of a spinner used in the teacher station activity. 

Math Kits with Distance Learning

How do you access the digital components?

Math Kits with Distance Learning

Worksheets can be digitally assigned through Google Classroom

math workshop kits

Many of the math kit components can be assigned with a digitized version of the original.  This includes the student data trackers, pre-assessments, task cards, notebook pages, worksheets, and quizzes. Assigning the digital versions through Google Classroom is really easy using TpT’s DAT (digital annotation tool.)  Then students use the simple annotation tools to answer the questions.  

How to assign digitized worksheets through TpT's DAT (Digital Annotation Tool)

It’s quick and easy to assign one or all of the digitized worksheets that are included in a math kit. Just follow the steps below to see how.

Math Kits with Distance Learning

Do you have to use the entire kit?

Our math kits are designed to give you all the resources you need to have a quality math workshop without all the stress. How you use the materials is completely up to you.  Here’s a table that shows you the components of a kit and which components can be used with distance learning.

Math Kits with Distance Learning

Great Value

Whether you use all the components or not, these kits are a great value, especially if you purchase the related skills bundle.  When purchased in a bundle, you get all of the materials listed about for about $4.00!

We are adding new kits every week.  You can click here to see them all. 

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