End of the Year Freebies

We have 3 super fun FREEBIES that you can use now that the end of the year is almost here!

Fun End of the Year Activities

Make Ice Cream in a Bag!

Ice Cream in a Baggie Recipe for Kids

Here is a graphic recipe for making a single serving of baggie ice cream. This could be used in a mini-unit about ice cream (write poems, make up flavors, do math story problems, etc.) or would be fun for scout and camp groups.

Go on a Nature Walk (or even a digital nature walk!)

Summertime School Activity

This ABC nature walk would work well on a field trip to a natural area or as a summertime activity for scout groups, summer camp, or even just for fun with your own children.

Can’t actually go on a nature walk? Just use the digital version and search for awesome images online!

Have some amazing discussion with these Would You Rather Questions that are perfect for the end of the year or summer!

Summertime Would You Rather Questions for the End of the Year

Here are 20 fun Would You Rather Questions that all have to do with the end of the school year or summer. Use as discussion starters or writing prompts!

You can use the paper copy or the digital version! 

Help Your Students Reflect on the Past Year

End of the Year Reflection Questions

Here are 24 End of the Year Reflection Questions! You can use the paper copy or the digital version! 

“My students loved this activity!!! I had them put all of the cards facedown and then choose whatever card they wanted and then read it out loud. Then shared their thoughts with the class. This was an awesome activity because it really brought us together at the end of the year!! I will definitely be using this in the coming years as I teach!!! Such a cute idea! :)”

– Jessica P.

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    Close Reading Comprehension Practice
  • Make Learning Fun!

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