Fun End of the School Year Ideas

It's the end of the school year, and you're probably wondering what to do with your students for the last few days of school. Am I right? Well, click through and read this blog post with fun end of the school year ideas shared by real teachers!

Last week, I asked the amazing teachers on my Facebook page how they liked to celebrate the end of the school year. Here are their terrific ideas:

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“I love having students vote on class awards. I always make enough categories so that every student gets an award. Some categories include: Math Whiz, Class Clown, Most Helpful, etc.”
– Jenifer Phillips

“We take our 1st graders to visit 2nd grade. They do a walk-through tour, and then we buddy them up with a 2nd grader to conduct ‘interviews.’ It is SUPER adorable! They have a blast coming up with the questions! Also, this year in math, we’re doing Math Olympics where homerooms compete. We’re playing fast facts baseball and other fun games! Should be a blast!!!”
– A Year of Many “Firsts”

“Read-in!!! Kids bring a pillow, something to lay on, lots of books, and something to drink and eat of their choice. We do a half hour of reading with a 10-minute break after the reading. Repeat all day! The kids love it, and it is time for me to do paperwork, etc.!”
– Julie Slocum Santello

“I have a great book of ‘fractured’ faerie tales. We split the class into groups, and they have a week to prepare for a presentation. They love it. It’s like Reader’s Theatre so no lines to learn.”
– Betsy Lutz Brown

“My kids were very rowdy one day, so I decided to have them write a letter to the Kindergarten bunch about what to expect in 1st grade. They loved it! Many of them made a graphic organizer before they wrote with two columns: one with a smiley face and one with a frowny face. There were some cute sayings about what ‘would make Mrs. Totty mad.’ lol.”
– Sherrie Hood Totty

“A class scrapbook. I just saw that Laura Candler has directions for one on her page, so I’ll integrate some of her ideas with mine. I also let my students paint wooden picture frames and put a class picture inside. Oh, and I do a book swap for summer reading.”
– Chen Po

“I love passing out portfolios and having my kids examine how much they have grown (academically and physically!) since the beginning of the year!”
– Mrs. Lirette’s Learning Detectives

“This is my first year teaching. I had my 6th grade crew write letters to themselves during the first week of school. They reflected on these when writing to the upcoming 6th graders. It was great to watch them realize how far they’d come.”
– Carrie Elizabeth

Last Day Blues by Julie Danneberg“After starting our year with First Day Jitters by Julie Danneberg (first story in our reading books), we finished with the read aloud, Last Day Blues (same characters).”
– Monica Horn

“Checkers tournament, movie day (different rooms show different movies, kids pick which they want to see like at theaters), game day (bring your favorite game).”
– Gina Smith Robinson

“I have done t-shirts. The children bring in white shirts, and we get fabric markers. The children design the shirts highlighting the year. Then, they have their classmates sign the shirt.”
– Renee Manzi

“I had all of my kids sit in a circle with a bouncy ball. They had to shut their eyes and roll the ball. Then, they had to say something nice about the person who caught the ball. It was so sweet.”
– Holly Jeanette Hanson

“My kids made kites. We used this site, where they have a video tutorial. Super easy, and then we flew them outside as a reward after testing week!”
– Brittany Ledbetter Neal

“I have had kids do a class scrapbook. Each student gets an 8.5″ x 11″ piece of scrapbook paper, and they reflect on their school year. They are allowed to use any arts and crafts materials that are available in the room or that they bring from home. I encourage them to include a picture and quotes from the year. It is really interesting to see what memories they will leave the 6th grade with.”
– Rebecca Helms McKnight

“I have the students do ABC books on how to survive in my class. Then, the next year’s class gets to read them on the first day of class. They can be really creative on what gets them in trouble and what they can do to stay on my good side.”
– Heather Wilzbacher Barrow

“I have my 6th graders write letters to next year’s new 6th graders. It’s so hard to change to middle school. My new students love hearing their advice about changing classes, connection classes, lockers, staying organized, and doing homework. This year I even made a survey for students to reflect on my abilities as a teacher. It was very eye-opening as they were sweet to think that I was a great teacher. I did learn that I don’t let students know their progress as much as they’d like. It’s my goal for next year.”
– Emily Watts McGrady

“I have each child write a positive comment about their classmates. Then, I type up the comments and give them to the kids on the last day of school. We brainstorm a few lists, as well…memories, good things about our school, ideas on things to do during the summer.”
– Elementary Matters

“We have a fun day with 10 stations. The favorite this year was a Funnoodle javelin throw. I made two stations by making circles from the noodles and, using colored duck tape, put them on larger noodles. They looked like Olympic rings between two posts. The kids were divided into two teams to throw through the circle. Fifth graders had so much fun…great to see kiddos being kids.”
– Susan Heneka 

“I have my fifth graders (who are graduating and moving to a new school) take a Memory Walk around the school and say good-bye to teachers and think about special memories they have made. We make a Memory Mat of favorite memories…friends, teachers, events…and we write letters to favorite teachers.”
– Chris Thompson

Do you have more to add? Please comment with your ideas!

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1 thought on “Fun End of the School Year Ideas”

  1. I teach 5th grade and during the last week of school. I have theme days until our moving on ceremony. The themes vary over the years depending on the class. Some themes are: movie and popcorn day, write letters to future 5th graders, PJS and a book day with a flashlight, board game day, write a letter to their future self and I put it an evelope the kids address it to themselves and I mail it to them before they go to High School. I place the letters in a folder with their year of entry to high school. The kids figure it out.
    Sandra Gilliam

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