How to Use TpT’s Easel Activities

TpT's Easel Tool

Why use an annotation tool?

An annotation tool allows you to turn print resources into digital resources. It provides a way for students to mark their answers on worksheets or activities without the need for printers and pencils. This type of resource is invaluable when remote teaching or when your district limits the number of paper copies you can use in your classroom. 

Want a guided play? Click here for a free resource that will help you discover Easel’s features.

TpT Easel Activity

Watch the video or check out the Q/A’s below!

YouTube video

Can you use EASEL on all TpT Resources?

Short answer: No

There are a few different factors that determine whether Easel is available for a resource:

  • Only PDF resources can be used with Easel.
  • A seller can opt out a resource so that it can’t be used with Easel. (This is usually because it doesn’t make sense to use the product with Easel.
  • A resource tagged as a “Google Apps” resource can not be used with Easel.

But, many sellers are choosing to include Easel as a supplement to their resource.  

How will I know if Easel is an option for a resource?

The product page for each resource will allow you to see whether Easel is available for the resource.  If it is available, it will appear one of two ways.  On non-purchased products, you’ll see a label that says “Easel Activity” next to the product images.  If you’ve already purchased the activity, it will say “Open in Easel.” These markings are how you’ll know if Easel is available for the resource.  The only exception is if the product is a Bundle. 

TpT Easel
TpT Easel

How do you use Easel on bundles?

When you’re trying to determine if Easel is available on a bundle, you can’t look on the bundle’s product page.  You have to look at the products themselves.  

TpT Easel

If I purchased a resource a long time ago, will I be able to use Easel?

As long as the resource currently includes the option of Easel, you’ll have access to it.  It doesn’t matter how long ago you purchased the resource.

Where can I find my Easel Activities?

Once you’re logged in to TpT, you can use this address to access any Easel activities that you’ve already opened.

TpT Easel

When I use a resource with Easel, is the resource different than it would be without Easel?

It depends.

Some sellers will modify the original resource to be better used with the Easel tools.  This may include removing pages, adding text boxes, re-ordering pages, or highlighting important directions. Other sellers will share the resource as is.  Whether the seller modifies it or not, you can still make your own modifications. This is great for providing differentiation to meet your students’ unique needs. 

How can you edit a resource using Easel?

Whether the seller modifies the resource or not, you can still make your own modifications. Just use the PREPARE tab to add your enhancements.  When you’re finished, just click the PREVIEW tab to see how it will look to a student. 

TpT Easel
TpT Easel

How to Add or Remove Pages from the Activity

How to Create Different Versions of the Activity

How to Add Text Support for Students

How to “Erase” parts of the Digital Activity You Don’t Want

YouTube video

How can you assign resources using Easel?

Once you’re ready to share the resource with your students, you click the ASSIGN tab.  

TpT Easel

Can I use Easel if I don’t use Google Classroom?


You can generate a link that can be pasted in your particular learning management system. However, your students must have a gmail address. 

How can you check your students’ work after using Easel?

You can check your students’ work right inside of you Easel Activities page.  The previous version of Easel (TpT Digital Activity Tool) allowed you to access submissions through Google Classroom, but with the update, you must access through your Easel Activities page on TpT. 

Is Easel safe?

This is what TpT has said about student safety:

“We take our obligations to protect student privacy and information very seriously. We introduced this functionality to allow teachers to interact directly with students after careful consideration and feedback from educators in our community. Our student tools and student privacy policy are designed to meet applicable requirements of COPPA and FERPA.

At the heart of our student privacy policy is this: we only collect student information to support educator instruction and interactive learning experiences as authorized by the educator or school. This includes the name and answers a student provides on the activities assigned to them by their teacher. We never sell student information and we don’t display, place, or allow any third-party ads on any student tools. We disclose these practices clearly and in greater detail in the student privacy policy on our website, which every educator is required to accept before using this tool.”

Does Easel make the assignment self-checking or self-grading?

Currently, no.

However, TpT is adding to the Easel Suite and will soon be offering self-grading options. 

Is Easel the same things as a Google Slides Digital Activity?

There are lots of different digital activities on TpT! There are Google Slides activities, Google Forms, Boom Cards, PowerPoints, Kahoots, and the list goes on.  Easel is just one way of digitizing a teaching resource.

To access Easel Activities, follow the directions above. (or watch the video!)

To access any of the other type of digital activities, either click the green button on the product page that says “Add to Google Drive” or download the product and look for the link that will give you your own copy. 

Here’s a free resource you can use with distance learning!

Distance Learning Rules and Procedures

If you have questions we didn’t cover, leave them in the comments below.

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