You and Your Students Can Make a Kahoot in 4 Super Easy Steps

You (and your students) can make a Kahoot in no time flat!

If you haven’t yet played Kahoot with your students, it’s about time!  Kahoot is a gamified way of practicing just about any skill with your students.  It’s fast-paced, super engaging, and will leave kids begging to practice their skills again. Kahoot’s quiz format encourages students to answer questions carefully  in order climb the leader board and beat their friends.

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There are thousands of done-for-you games, but sometimes you may want something that is just a little more specific to the content you are teaching or reviewing. This blog post will show you how you can help your students review for a big test or practice important skills while taking ownership of their learning. Your students will create the Kahoot, and your job will be to facilitate the practice session.

Follow along as I walk you through the steps of creating the perfect Kahoot with your students’ help.

This video will walk you through the steps of making a Kahoot with your students.

YouTube video

Make a Kahoot with your students’ help!

Create a Kahoot with your students

Many hands make light work. Making a Kahoot game that is aligned to the specific content you’re teaching can be time consuming.  You either spend hours making it yourself or you spend hours scrolling through all the pre-made options until you find the one that will work for your lesson.  There’s got to be a better way!

Why not have students create the problems that will be used for the practice session?  If each student writes one problem, you’ll have a bunch to choose from when it comes to building your Kahoot game.  Need practice solving math story problems? Just have each of your students write a story problem.  Practicing for that upcoming language test? Have your students make questions about that.  The options are limitless!  If you give each student 5 minutes to create their question, you’ll have a whole Kahoot bank in a very short amount of time.  Once you’ve chosen your topic for the Kahoot you want to make, it’s time to get the students working!

Make a Kahoot

Want a template so you can make a Kahoot even faster? Click here!

Step 1: Give your students the Kahoot template

4 Easy Steps to Make a Kahoot

You can use our Kahoot template by clicking here to make your own copy.

Once you have a copy, you’re going to share it with your students. You can do this in Google classroom or by using a shareable link.  Make sure you share the “editable” version because you want the students to all be working within the same file.  This is because you want to access each student’s question quickly and easily.

The student can “claim” a slide by writing their name across the bottom.  They will use the white space to write their question, and they will add their answers to the colored spaces.  Students can also add pictures or resize the text to fit within the space.

It’s important to remind students that they will need to provide 3 incorrect answers and only 1 right answer.  They can think about common mistakes that their peers might make to include some “tricky” answers. Since the students are working in an editable file, tell them not to mark their answers on the slide.  It won’t be a very fun game if everyone knows the answer to all the questions!

Create a Kahoot with your students

Step 2: While Your students are working, it’s time to make a quick Kahoot template

It shouldn’t take your students long to create their Kahoot questions, so while they’re doing that, you are going to set up a template for yourself.

Log in to Kahoot (www.kahoot.create) and click “Create ” then “New Kahoot.”

Next, add a question.  To create your first question, give it a title, such as “Question 1” or you can even use the creator’s name- ie. Jason’s Question. Then name the answer choice (colored boxes) as A, B, C, D.  You can also change the time limit here. Finally, you’re going to add an image.  This image will be an image of the student’s work.

So, where do you get the images to make a Kahoot?

It’s easy! Go into the file your students are working on and save their slides as images.  You’ll just need to click on the student’s slide, click File, Download, JPEG.  The image will save in your downloads.  Once it’s saved, just go back into Kahoot and upload it.

Step 3: Once you’re done with your template, you’ll finish creating your Kahoot

So, in Kahoot, you’ve finished Question #1.  You have a title, you have your answer choices labeled, you marked the time limit, and you’ve uploaded the question image.  Now you just have to duplicate your template for every student’s question.

On the left side of the screen, you’ll see the duplicate icon.  It looks like two papers stacked and is right above the trash can icon.  Duplicate Question 1 and then quickly update it for Question 2.  You’ll change the 1 to a 2 and then you’ll change out your image.  You’ll repeat this process until you’ve created a question for each of your students’ work.

Make a Kahoot - Student Ownership makes it fast

Student Ownership is so important in the classroom.  Check out this book if you want to go deeper on the subject.

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Step 4: Adding an answer key when you make your Kahoot

There is one last thing to do before your students are ready to play the game. You’ll just have to make the answer key. There are a couple of different options to create your answer key. The first option is to read over each student’s question and solve it yourself, making sure there’s only one correct answer. Alternatively, you can call the student over to you and let them explain their problem and why they chose the correct answer that they did. You’ll want to make sure that there is exactly one correct answer for each question. It’s better to find any mistakes now while you’re creating the Kahoot than while you’re playing the Kahoot, and the game is ruined! Once you have all the answers marked, you are ready to play the game!

Make a Math Kahoot Game

Did you know that about half of our math kits contain a Kahoot practice game that you can use with your students?  Click here to learn about our kits and to see what skills we have available.

Playing the Kahoot Your Students Made

Once you have made your template, added each of your student’s questions to the game, and then marked the correct answer for each question, you are ready to play the game! You’ll play the game just as if it were any old Kahoot, but with increased audience participation! Your students will love playing the game they created so much that they will forget they are learning and reviewing! They’ll especially love when they get to the point of the game that they see their own question!

Student ownership is such a driving force for student learning, and making a collaborative Kahoot is the perfect way to add student ownership to learning. If you want to learn more about using games for student review, you can check out our post about using video games to build student success.

4 Easy Steps to Make a Kahoot

Did your class make their own?

After you make an account on Kahoot, if your class collaborates on a game and you want to share it with the world, drop your link in the comments below! I’m sure other kids will love learning from your students and seeing their correct answers.

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