Using Would You Rather With Kahoot

Would You Rather with Kahoot

Click here to grab 10 free Would You Rather slides and 10 “make your own” slides.

Would You Rather….

“Would You Rather” is a game that students love! It’s definitely fun and engaging, but did you know there are lots of added benefits to playing this game?

Would You Rather helps students develop skills that will last them a lifetime including:

  • Critical thinking skills
  • Respectful discussion and debate
  • Communicating thoughts and ideas
  • Defending thoughts and opinions
  • Being open to new perspectives
  • Flexibility in thinking
  • Adopting a personal point of view

Using “Would You Rather” With Technology

One of my students’ all time favorite games to play was Kahoot.  If you’ve never played Kahoot, it’s a whole group game that poses a question and allows students to answer electronically.  Their answers and speed determine how many points are accumulated and who wins the game.

But did you know Kahoot can be played in a way where there isn’t a right or wrong answer? In this post, I’m going to show you how you can use the polling feature in Kahoot to create a fun “Would You Rather” experience for your students.

This video will walk you through the steps.

YouTube video

How to Create Your Digital “Would You Rather”

There are just a few steps to get your game ready to play.

  1. Gather your questions.  You can click here to get a starter file you can use.
  2. Turn your questions into image files. (Don’t worry… it’s really easy and quick!)
  3. Create your Kahoot.
  4. Play with your students.

Step 1: Get Your “Would You Rather” Questions

First, you’ll need your questions.  Think about the purpose of your lesson when determining which questions you’ll use.  Maybe you just want to have a few minutes of fun as a short break from the regular learning.  In that case, you can grab some silly, thoughtful, or appalling questions to engage students.  If you want to align the questions with your learning, think about ways to pose the question that will encourage thoughtful discussion.  For example, if your students are reading Tuck Everlasting, you might ask a question such as “Would you rather be a Tuck or Winnie?”.

The more time you want students to spend discussing the “why”, the less questions you’ll need. If you’re using the lesson to guide students into meaningful discussion, less is more. You can grab this starter file to get you going.  It has several questions and a few blank templates so that you can develop the exact questions that will serve your students.

Step 2: Convert Your Questions Into Images

Since we are going to be creating a poll in Kahoot, it’s great to have your questions in an image form.  Although you could definitely just type your questions into Kahoot, having the colorful images helps make the activity even more fun.

I like creating images in Google Slides or PowerPoint because it’s easy to export the slides as images. Plus, you can make a template and edit the questions each time you want to play. Once your question is made, just click “File” then “Download” then “JPEG”.  Now you have an image you can use in Kahoot.

Step 3: Create Your Kahoot Poll

Before you create your own Kahoot, you will need an account.  But don’t worry, it’s free. Once you have an account and are all logged in, you can go to to begin creating your activity.

  • Click “Add Question”
  • Click “Poll”
  • Delete the first question by clicking the trash can that appears as you hover over it.
  • Where it says “Click to start typing your question” type Would You Rather…
  • Click “Upload Image” and find your image you created.
  • Click in “Add answer 1” and type Option 1.
  • Click in “Add answer 2” and type Option 2.
  • Click the time circle and allot enough time for students to think about the question.

That’s it.  You can click done and get ready to play.  If you want to add more questions, just hover over the question you already made and click the Duplicate icon.  The only thing you’ll have to change for your next question is the image.

Step 4: Playing with Your Students

Once you’ve created your Kahoot poll, all you have left is to play it with your students.

Once you begin game play, your screen will show students the directions for logging in.  They can log in to play with their computer or their phone.

If you’re teaching virtually over Zoom or Hangout, you’ll share your screen so that students can see the log-in instructions and the game questions.  Their device will be used to record their answers.  If students are using a computer, they can open a second window and use a split screen to see the Zoom call and their answer screen simultaneously.  If they have a device and a phone, they watch the Zoom call on their device and record their answers on their phone.

Would You Rather Questions

If you don’t want to create your own “Would You Rather” questions, grab this set of 204 questions that you can use today!

Would You Rather…

This game is a sure fire way to engage students, encourage thoughtful reflection, and foster a language-rich classroom. I challenge you to play it with your students!

If you have any questions or ideas, leave them in the comments!

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