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4th Grade Comparing Whole Numbers and Ordering Numbers – MATH KIT | Print & Digital Google Slides

Teach comparing and ordering whole numbers effectively with Math Kits from Minds in Bloom. Includes pre-assessment, interactive activities, worksheets, task cards, and more. Digital options available for distance learning. Aligned with 4th-grade standards. Save time and enhance your math workshop with these comprehensive resources.


45+ pages, Boom Cards, Google Slides, KAHOOT, and a Google Quiz
Answer Key Included

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It’s time to teach comparing and ordering whole numbers!

You’ve got this! And we can help!

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

“Make sure your lesson is student centered!”

“Are you using formative assessment?”

“What are you doing for small group instruction?”

“How are you differentiating for your students’ needs?”

“Make sure your students are engaged!”

“How are you integrating technology?”

“Are you making data driven decisions?”

“Are your students building on their previous understanding?”

“How are you helping your struggling students?”

“Is this hands-on?”

The list goes on.

If you’re like most teachers, you know what you should be doing, you just don’t have the tools, materials, and resources needed to do it. #skimpycurriculum

Have you found yourself working for hours after school and all day on Sunday trying to find the resources you’ll need to be effective?

Well, our Math Kits are here to the rescue! You can stop scrolling because we have the things you need to teach comparing and ordering whole numbers to your 4th graders! It’s perfect for your math workshop!

With our Quick Access Resource Boards, you can quickly find exactly what your students need! Whether it’s a pre-assessment to help form small groups, a hands-on lesson to help struggling students, extra practice for homework, partner games for your math stations, a summative quiz (the list goes on) you’ll have exactly what you need with one simple click! Watch this video to see what I mean!

What’s in this math kit? (Click the green preview button above to get a closer look!)

  • Pre-Assessment
  • Interactive Notebook Pages
  • Digital Practice Activity
  • Practice Worksheets
  • Math Station or Center Game
  • Small Group Teacher Station Materials
  • Task Cards
  • Exit Tickets
  • Multiple Choice Quiz
  • Student Reflection and Data Tracker
  • Teacher Tracker
  • I Can Statement
  • Answer Keys
  • Digital Resource Board for Choosing the Resources you need

Click here to learn much more about all the kit components!

Are you doing DISTANCE LEARNING or teaching virtually? GOOD NEWS! This kit has lots of digital options:

  • There’s an activity specifically designed to be digital.
  • The task cards have a digital version.
  • The assessment has a self-checking Google Forms digital version.
  • Many of the resources can be used with TpT’s Easel tools.

What skills are focused on in this math kit?

  • Comparing and ordering numbers up to 1,000,000,000.
  • Using the <, >, and = symbols to represent comparisons of whole numbers

What grade is this kit for?

  • Most people who have purchased this resource are 4th grade teachers. However, this resource may be appropriate for 3rd or 5th grade depending on your state standards or the level of the students in the class. This resource is best aligned with TEKS 4.2C and Common Core 4.NBT.A.2


❓ Can I use this for distance or virtual learning?

This resource is not created for 100% distance learning. However, there are many parts that can be used virtually, such as a Google Slides activity, digital task cards, and a Google Forms self-checking quiz. Many of the printable worksheets can be used with TpT’s Easel tools to provide a digital option.

❓ How will I receive this resource?

You will download a pdf file that includes links to the complete PDF version. The PDF has all of the materials and a table of contents to help find the resource you’re looking for. It also includes a link to a Google Slides Resource Board, which allows you to print exactly what you need with a single click.

❓ Are there more units available?

We have kits available for nearly all 4th grade skills! We also have many 3rd and 5th grade kits. We are continuing to create kits to cover the skills you’ll need throughout the year.

❓ Is this resource ever on sale?

TpT has site-side sales several times a year. During those sales, all of our kits are 25% off. However, you can purchase our kits in bundles to save 30% off the regular individual price.

❓ Can I just use some parts of this resource?

Absolutely! This is what makes our math kits the perfect companion to your curriculum! Use the Resource Board to easily access exactly what you need, when you need it! Collect our math kits (and our free curriculum organizer) to have access to any review material your students need.

❓ Is this aligned to my state standards?

Yes and No. Our math kits are created by skill, rather than standard. This is because teachers across the country have different standards. We focus on best practices when creating our resources. We know that math skills are universal and foundational. We make every effort to ensure students learn the skills they need to be successful in the next grade level. Read the description above under “What skills are focused on in this math kit?” to get a better idea of the scope of the skill and which standards this kit is most aligned with.

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This product is happily brought to you by Cassi Noack and Rachel Lynette of Minds in Bloom.


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    Thank you!

  3. bridgette P.

    My students enjoy using this as a station to practice the skill taught. Thank You

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