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Order of Operations – Digital Code Activity (Solve Problems, Gather Codes, & Travel the World) | Google Slides

Engage 4th-6th graders in a digital escape room activity to practice order of operations. Students solve problems, collect codes, and learn about countries. Includes printable option for turning in work. Check technology compatibility before use. Copyright allows use in one classroom.


12 Levels + recording sheet
PDF, Google Apps™
Answer Key Included


Your students can practice the order of operations in a fun way that is similar to an escape room activity. They will travel around the world, solving problems and collecting codes along the way. This activity does not include exponents.

You can click here to watch the student video which will give you a better glimpse into the activity!

Great for 4th, 5th, and 6th graders!

This game is completely digital. You can also choose to give your students a printed copy of the extra problems sheets so that they can turn it in to you. This activity is similar to an escape room or a break out in that students must gather password clues as they solve order of operation problems. It’s great practice, creative thinking, and fun!

Not only do the students get to practice their order of operation skills, but they will also learn about new countries around the world! They will have the opportunity to quickly research the country and add to their digital scrapbook by correctly solving additional problems.

You can use the links below to check whether the technology will work on your students’ computers. Some districts have filters blocking outside links, so if you don’t often use Google in your class, make sure you test using a student computer!

IMPORTANT ▼ Check from a student computer.

Test that Google Slides Work! (You’ll be asked to make a copy!) (

Test that Google Forms works in your class! (

A printable recording sheet is provided to give the students something to turn in (for a grade, if desired), but the activity can be completed without any printables!

Copyright information:
Purchasing this product grants permission for use by one teacher in his or her own classroom. If you intend to share with others, please purchase an additional license.

Happy teaching!

Rachel & Cassi

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7 reviews for Order of Operations – Digital Code Activity (Solve Problems, Gather Codes, & Travel the World) | Google Slides

  1. Kourtney McAdams

    Amazing resource! My students absolutely loved it! Great low prep activity for stations and review activities.

  2. Kimberly D.

    My students love using your resource. It is very helpful to see where they are at and what they don’t understand.

  3. John S.

    I have a very high group of fourth grade math students and this was a fun and engaging way to practice PEMDAS.

  4. Kimberly Beasley

    Great resource!

  5. Tara M.

    Great resource I utilized during my intervention period with students who needed additional practice with these specific skills. My students really enjoyed this activity!

  6. Education FUNdamentals

    SO excited to use this!

  7. Me and My Tweets

    This is a great resource! My students were super-enthusiastic about using it. They’re 4th graders, and I think it was a little higher level than their curriculum, but with a little guidance they were able to complete much of it. The best part was their excitement!!!

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