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Reading Response Question Cards Bundle for Any Book Print and Google Digital

Engage students with 157 question and activity cards for close reading. Address setting, characters, plot, theme, and more. Use for discussion, writing prompts, and reading strategies. Includes Lit Sparks, Info Sparks, and Lit Bits. Ideal for literature circles, independent reading, and guided reading groups.


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Each of these 157 cards features a different question or activity to help your students engage meaningfully with the text they are reading. They can be used for discussion or as writing prompts. The cards address setting, characters, plot, theme, author’s purpose, mood, tone and more. Students will need to use reading strategies such as inference, summarizing, comparing and contrasting etc. to dig deeper into the text.

What’s included

  • Lit Sparks” 65 question cards for responding to literature + Digital Options
  • Info Sparks” 47 question cards for responding to informational text (nonfiction) + Digital Options
  • Lit Bits” 45 activity cards for responding to literature in writing + Digital Options

Check out each individual product to learn much more about it!

Here are some suggestions for using these cards:

  • Use in conjunction with close reading.
  • Use as writing prompts for reading journals.
  • Require students to complete a certain number of cards each week for their independent reading.
  • Use in guided reading groups and literature circles as discussion prompts.
  • Use as prompts for partner discussions.
  • Use in reading strategy and literacy centers.
  • Choose one card to display on the document camera for the whole class to use as a writing prompt.
  • Allow students to draw cards randomly as writing or discussion prompts (always very popular!)
  • Use after silent reading or the weekend to discuss what students have been reading independently.

Copyright information:

Purchasing this product grants permission for use by one teacher in his or her own classroom. If you intend to share with others, please purchase an additional license.

Happy Teaching!

Rachel Lynette

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41 reviews for Reading Response Question Cards Bundle for Any Book Print and Google Digital

  1. Ana A.

    A great resource to help students better understand what they are reading and to expand their speaking and listening skills.

  2. Daphne N.

    I love this product! The students are engaged and loving using this cards.

  3. Learning with Lawson

    Love these for centers!

  4. Erin Weller

    Great ideas to use making reading response google forms.

  5. Adrienne E.

    Loved using this ! was great for my reading groups and for a novel study!

  6. Megan Seymour

    Great resource to spice up independent reading or whole class novel work!

  7. Jaime H.

    Great review! Great for fan and pick!

  8. Jenna Maynard

    Good resource

  9. Imane E.

    printed in colors, laminated, very practical!

  10. Lynn M.

    Excellent tasks for students to complete, love the variety and content! Thank you!

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