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Roller Coaster Rounding – to the Nearest 10 or 100 | Digital Google Slides Activity

Practice rounding to the 10’s and 100’s place with an interactive Google Slides resource. Use the roller coaster method to determine rounding. Self-checking activity with a video explanation. Created by Cassi Noack and Rachel Lynette for TEKS 3.4B and Common Core 3.NBT.A.1.


25 slides + Instruction Video
PDF, Google Apps™
Answer Key Included


Help students practice rounding to the 10’s and 100’s place with this interactive digital resource created with Google Slides. In this activity, students will use the roller coaster method to decide what a number will round to. They will determine which numbers the given number falls between to determine where it will round. This activity is self-checking! Plus, there’s a quick video that explains the activity to the students.

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Check out the student video to see a preview of the activity and instructions.

This product is happily brought to you by Cassi Noack and Rachel Lynette of Minds in Bloom.

This product is great for TEKS 3.4B and Common Core 3.NBT.A.1

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54 reviews for Roller Coaster Rounding – to the Nearest 10 or 100 | Digital Google Slides Activity

  1. Deborah H.

    This product was perfect for a different way to teach rounding to my students who were struggling with this concept. It was great to have a product that I didn’t have to come up with on my own.

  2. Veronica B.

    This was a great resource for my self-contained 8th grade class.

  3. lisa F.

    This made one of the most dreaded math lessons, rounding, fun and exciting! It also gave students real world context and helped solidify conceptual learning.

  4. Steph’s Sweet School Stuff

    This was a great visual representation of the concept. Students especially enjoyed the video!

  5. Stephanie M.

    My students had a particularly difficult time learning this and this helped them review it very well.

  6. Valerie Miller

    I was looking for a different visual way to show rounding, as it can be so difficult for students, and this was perfect! My kids loved going through these slides and they were easy to assign as homework too!

  7. A Basket Full of Apples by Katie

    Thank you for this great resource! It was exactly what I was looking for!

  8. Tiffany Rudelich

    I struggled this year teaching rounding because I am teaching virtually. I had a lot of things that I used in the past but they couldn’t work virtually. This product made it so easy to give my students the ‘hands on’ activity that I was looking for. It worked great!

  9. shauna P.

    This resource was wonderful, especially for virtual learning. The images and engaging activities were so helpful for my at home students to visually understand the concept of rounding.

  10. Kari P.

    My kids enjoyed this to demonstrate their rounding skills. I like how the kids had to list the tens that each number could round up or down to.

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