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4th Grade Year-Long Math Units – BUNDLE (For the ENTIRE School Year!) | Print & Digital Google Slides

Invest in a year-long bundle for comprehensive math kits that cover various skills. Save time with pre-assessments, activities, quizzes, and more. Additional licenses available at half price. Perfect for differentiated instruction, test prep, and hands-on learning. Get your classroom organized and efficient.

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2000+ Printables and Google Slides
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Answer Key Included


Invest in your class for the entire year! This bundle has EVERYTHING you need to be the teacher your students deserve! Don’t spend your nights and weekends searching for lessons and worrying about what resources to use! We have you covered!

Think your team would benefit from these kits? This product is only licensed for one teacher. Additional licenses are available at half price! This discount is only available on this “year long bundle”. Many schools are willing to purchase curriculum for their teachers. Ask your principal today!


Imagine a classroom where the learning is owned by the students, data from purposeful assessment drives the instruction, and activities are meaningful and fun! This is the classroom every teacher wants, but let’s face- who has the time to gather the materials, create the activities, differentiate the instruction, and TEACH? Check out the preview to see more!

Math Kits are Great For:

* Differentiated Instruction

* Response to Intervention (RTI), tutoring, re-teach, small groups

* Test prep

* Reviewing math skills

* Creating math stations and centers (math games)

* Hands-on learning

* Visible Learning

* Tracking Student Growth

* Teks Mastery

* Growth Mindset

* Student-owned learning


With our Quick Access Resource Boards, you can quickly find exactly what your students need! Whether it’s a pre-assessment to help form small groups, a hands-on lesson to help struggling students, extra practice for homework, partner games for your math stations, a summative quiz (the list goes on) you’ll have exactly what you need with one simple click! Watch this video to see what I mean!


Click here to learn much more about all the kit components!

➱ Pre-Assessment

➱ Student Resource Notebook pages

➱ Student Check List/ Data tracker / Reflection

➱ Exit Tickets

➱ Quiz

➱ Practice Sheets

➱ Digital Activity

➱ Easy Prep Small Group Activity

➱ Hands on Activities/ Games

➱ Half page Task Cards w/ recording sheet

➱ I Can statement

➱ Answer Keys

➱ Class Tracker


  • Place Value Relationships
  • Place Value Representations
  • Comparing Numbers
  • Rounding Numbers
  • Representing Decimals
  • Decimals on a Number Line
  • Comparing & Ordering Decimals
  • Adding & Subtracting Decimals
  • Fractions & Decimals on a Number Line
  • Relating Decimals to Fractions
  • Unit Fractions
  • Decomposing Fractions
  • Equivalent Fractions
  • Comparing Fractions
  • Adding & Subtracting Fractions
  • Benchmark Fractions
  • Estimating Products & Quotients
  • Multiplying by 10 and 100
  • Representing Multiplication
  • Double Digit Multiplication
  • Representing Division
  • Long Division
  • Solving Story Problems
  • Representing Story Problems
  • Input/Output Tables
  • Classifying 2D Shapes
  • Geometric Foundations
  • Symmetry
  • Classifying Triangles
  • Angles, Circles, & Degrees
  • Angles and Protractors
  • Drawing Angles
  • Adjacent Angles
  • Area & Perimeter Formulas
  • Area & Perimeter Problem Solving
  • Units of Measurement
  • Converting Measurements
  • Measurement Story Problems
  • Representing Data
  • Problem Solving with Data

This bundle takes the guess work out of lesson planning! Get your nights and weekends back without sacrificing the learning that should be taking place in your classroom.

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10 reviews for 4th Grade Year-Long Math Units – BUNDLE (For the ENTIRE School Year!) | Print & Digital Google Slides

  1. cecilia C.

    Thank you for this resource. This has really been helpful this year.

  2. Math Anne

    I haven’t used it all yet, but this is a wonderful, high-quality resource. I still need to organize myself, but it sure does help!

  3. Carla B.

    There are so many engaging activities that my students have thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you so much for your hard work.

  4. Stephanie H.

    Thank you

  5. Laura M.

    My students love the hands-on games and the task cards!

  6. Aracely Izaguirre

    I absolutely love this resource. It offers a tracking tool for students as well as a variety of resources per skill.

  7. Ellen A.

    This has been a LIFE SAVER this year. My school is very strict about curriculum being used, but they don’t provide anything at all that could be used for stations or activities outside of it, which they expect to see. This has been great to have because it aligns PERFECTLY to the standards and uses a lot of the language our curriculum does, and is often a little more challenging than the workbook. That has been wonderful for the kids who need it, while still being approachable for the kids who don’t. I love not having to search and dig for activities, worksheets, and more that go with each lesson.

  8. Petra T.

    thanks so much!!

  9. Aamna Mian

    My students enjoy using this resource. I love how easy it is to use and how its organized. I’m new to teaching 4th grade this year in TX and this has made my life so much easier in planning for my students and having engaging activities for them to work on.

  10. Joanna B.

    I have individually purchased some of the Math Kits previously, when I taught a different grade level. When I moved to 4th and saw the value of this bundle, I had to have it. Each kit on its own has so much value in the classroom, and it’s worth it not to have to buy them individually.

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