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how can I make digital versions of my classroom worksheets

7 Strategies for Using Google to Digitize Your Worksheets

Go Digital! Have you been wondering how can you digitize your worksheets in Google Classroom? Then this blog post is for you! I’m going to share 7 ways that you can take a regular old worksheet and turn it into a digital version! This is perfect if you have a copy limit or need to

A Letter to Teachers New to Distance Learning

To all you hard working, dedicated, making-it-happen teachers: Dear fellow teachers, If you are reading this, then you are among the elite. You are the hero that runs toward the fire and not away. Nothing in your training has quite prepared you for what we are facing right now, an unprecedented scenario in our era.

6 Remote Learning lessons to get you started

FREE Remote Learning Workshop – 6 Doable Lessons

Remote Learning: How You Can Use Regular Resources to Teach Students Even When They’re Not in the Classroom It’s official.  Hundreds of districts have shut their school doors, and students will be remote learning in the coming weeks. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the thought of teaching your students in a remote learning setting, then

Distance learning: how to ensure your students are learning even when school is closed

Distance Learning: Keep Your Students Learning Even When School is Closed

I live in Washington State, just a few short miles from the US location with the most Coronavirus (COVID-19) deaths. Events are being canceled left and right and Northshore, the school district my own kids attended, has closed for up to 2 weeks with only a day’s notice. Other districts are sure to follow. If

educational apps to use in the classroom

Quiver in the Classroom: Augmented Reality App

Minds in Bloom is thrilled to have Ann from Little Library of Learning guest blogging for us today! Ann has written a great post for us all about an incredible app called Quiver. When you’re using Quiver in the classroom (or in the library), you provide your students with coloring sheets and assign them to

Putting the BOOM into Differentiation!

Minds in Bloom is excited to have Belinda Givens on the blog today! Belinda is sharing a great post with us all about differentiation using Boom Cards™ from Boom Learning, Inc. Enjoy her post below! We’ve all been there: small group intensive instruction and every student in the group is on a different level.  You have

Implementing technology can do wonders for increasing both student engagement and comprehension! Check out these three tech tools recommended by our guest blogger, who is a special education teacher.

Implementing Technology into the Special Education Classroom

We’re so happy to welcome Kristin from Samson’s Shoppe to the blog today! Kristin’s sharing a few really great tech tools to help with implementing technology in the special education classroom. Feel free to chime in in the comments with other tech tools you love! As a middle school special education teacher for the past

Novel Studies for the 21st Century Learner

We’re delighted to welcome our next guest blogger to Minds in Bloom! Shalyn is a teacher librarian who is sharing with us how to make novel studies more appropriate for 21st century skills and learning. Let’s go back in time and imagine that you are in your elementary/middle/high school classroom. The teacher announces that you

ideas for utilizing technology in the classroom

6 Tools for Digital Intervention

We’re excited to welcome Mercedes from Surfing to Success to the blog today! Please read her post about six tools you can use for digital intervention in your classroom. Enjoy! Digital learning tools can make targeted instruction quick and easy. The challenge is to wade through all the options out there and focus on the

how can I use daily 5 for upper elementary

Daily 5™ for Upper Elementary Students

We’re welcoming Melissa from The Paisley Owl to Minds in Bloom today. She’s got some excellent tips for those of you who teach upper elementary but still want to implement the Daily 5™ in your classroom.   How can I put students at the center of their own learning? How can I hold students accountable

differentiating literacy instruction using technology

Differentiating Literacy Instruction Using Technology

Hi!  My name is Jenny, and I am a reading specialist entering my 27th year of teaching.  I have spent a majority of those years helping students gain the skills and mindsets necessary to be confident and successful readers.  Two major components in teaching readers to be and feel successful are fostering reading engagement and knowing what

Have you heard of Boom Learning? Boom is an interactive task card app that allows your students to learn using technology in authentic ways!

Get Task Cards on Your Tablet, Smart Phone or Computer!

I am so, so excited about the Boom! Cards app, which allows students to use task cards on any mobile device or computer! You and your students are going to love them! You’ll love Boom because… It’s so easy and so effective! Boom comes with a suite of teacher tools. You can assign specific decks

Our guest blogger shares five excellent podcasts for teachers in this post on Minds in Bloom. She recommends podcasts that are either directly geared toward teachers and education or that discuss topics that teachers will find insightful and helpful.

5 Must-Listen Podcasts for Teachers

Please welcome Carly Speicher from Carly and Adam to Minds in Bloom today! Carly is sharing some teacher podcasts that are great resources for educators at all experience levels.   Do you listen to podcasts? My husband has recently gotten me on the podcast bandwagon. He mostly listens to business podcasts, but did you know that

There are many different ways to go about increasing student engagement, and using interactive PowerPoints is just one of them--but it's a highly effective one! Our guest blogger shares her Teacher Set-Up Guide to helping you get started today.

Increasing Student Engagement with Interactive PowerPoints

Hi there! My name is Rachael from The Classroom Nook. I’m happy to be sharing with you today about how you can take (what could be) boring lessons and turn them into interactive and engaging activities for your students. The secret weapon? PowerPoint! I know – PowerPoint is nothing new, but you may learn a

This post goes into details about six apps to use in your classroom to reach all readers. All of them have been used to improve reading comprehension and to master various reading strategies!

Apps to Reach All Readers

I’m Marion from Mentoring in the Middle, and I’m delighted to be guest blogging on Rachel Lynette’s Minds in Bloom!  Rachel was one of the first bloggers I started following way back when I was a blogging newbie, and she continues to serve as an example of what good blogging and product-making look like. Every

Overwhelmed by all of the educational apps available? Our guest blogger has narrowed down her list to the only five apps you need. See what you think of the apps on her list!

The Only 5 Apps You Need

Hello Everyone! I am Erin from rrrErin2Learn and am so excited to be guest blogging for Minds in Bloom! I can’t remember life before I started focusing on ed tech in my classroom, but it was only two years ago that my technology administrator handed me a couple of iPads and the password to download

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