Apples to Apples: The Best Family Game Ever

If you don’t already own Apples to Apples, please consider putting it on your family’s holiday gift list. Here is why, along with some tips for different ways to play if you are already familiar with the game:Everyone Plays at Once Even when it is not your turn, you are still actively participating. No one gets bored waiting for their turn. Tip: Sometimes players (usually

It can be a real challenge to entertain small children while waiting, so here are three fun word games to play while waiting at the bank, in line for a ride, or other times that you find yourself waiting with your kids.

Three Ways to Entertain Small Children While Waiting

So, you are stuck in a very long line at the supermarket behind that woman who has 65,000 coupons, most of which are expired, but she is insisting that the checker call the manager, and your 4-year-old is getting whiny, and your 6-year-old is getting grumpy, and you are really wanting a hot bath, but there you are in the checkout line with a cart

Sometimes, it takes a long time for restaurants to get food to tables, and your kids get squirrelly during that time. Here are three games that you can play while you wait for your food to get to your table. Your kids won't even realize how much time passed!

3 Games to Play While Waiting for the Food

 You are at a restaurant waiting for the food to come, and your kids are…shall we say, a little squirrely. Here are some games to play to keep their hands and their minds busy!   Memory Quiz Make a grouping of 7-8 objects from the table: sugar packets, silver wear, salt shaker, etc. Give the other players 10 or so seconds to look at it.

Are you working on symmetry in your math class? Try this fun symmetry game with your students. It will have them not only learning more about symmetry, but it will also help them learn more about spatial awareness and graphing.

Symmetry Game: Guess my Grid

Here is a fun game for practicing symmetry. The game can be played in pairs or as a whole class, and it’s based on the game Battleship. Each player uses a grid to create a symmetrical pattern. An 8×8 grid works well. You can have students make their own grids using graph paper or you can download the game here for free.   Tips for

Are you looking for family-friendly games that are appropriate for all ages? These are three games that my family loves that I highly recommend. All of them require strategizing and critical thinking, but they're a lot of fun to play with the whole family!

Three Great Games

Our family loves to play games with interesting strategies. When my kids were younger, I was always looking for games that we could all enjoy together – even the adults (because, honestly, how much fun is Battleship?). Here are three of our favorites. They came into our lives when my kids were in elementary school, and we are still playing them today! All would make

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