There are lots of creative ways for teaching dollars and cents. Rachel explores several games and activities that can be use to teach this important skill.

Ideas for Teaching Dollars and Cents

Counting coins, making change, and solving money word problems are all important skills. Here are some ideas to help you teach them! NOTE: As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualifying purchases.   Counting Coins First off, manipulatives are the way to go, ideally real coins and “play” dollars, but the plastic version is okay. It is fun and satisfying to handle real money, and it echoes real

This list of ideas for teaching homophones will not only have your students mastering them before you know it, but they'll also have them learning and practicing homophones in fun, authentic ways! Teaching homophones doesn't need to be a challenge!

Ideas for Teaching Homophones plus a Freebie!

Eye love teaching homophones! Their are sew many fun activities, and as wee all no, it is an important skill four students two learn inn order too right correctly and meat Common Core Standards. Hear are sum ideas: NOTE: As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualifying purchases. Create Double Homophone Sentences My third graders had a ball with these. The challenge is to put both

Back to School Ice Breakers FREE

Free Back to School Ice Breaker!

Grab this FREE back to school Presentation that’s great for virtual learning! Get to Know Each Other This Year! It is getting to that time of year again so I decided to put my own spin on an old favorite. I am sure you have seen this BINGO style Get-to-Know-You activity before. I love the activity, but I found that many of the ones available

Looking for a new game to play with multiple choice task cards? This fun Traveling Task Cards game might be just what you're looking for! Click through to this post to learn how to set up this game and to get instructions for playing it.

Traveling Task Cards: A Fun Game for Multiple Choice Task Cards!

Traveling Task Cards is a great way to get your kids up and moving while they are learning!   Here is What You Need: One set of multiple choice task cards with enough cards so that each student can have one card. Prize globes, plastic eggs, snack-sized storage container, colorful envelopes, or other fun container Signs for the answer choices (A, B, C, etc.) Here is

20 Brain Breaks for Kids

Brain Breaks – 20 awesome ways to energize your students FAST!

Brain Breaks Can Be Quick! Do you use Brain Breaks with your students? You should! This amazing guest post about why kids need to move from pediatric occupational therapist Loren Shlaes was so popular that I decided to follow it up with a list of Brain Breaks for kids!   These are great to use anytime your students are feeling restless and are struggling to pay attention.  Most of these will only

Task cards or flashcards can also be used with games with great success. These three free game boards incorporate task cards to have students learning and having fun while they do so! Click through to learn about each game board and to download them FREE!

3 Free Game Boards!

Lately, several teachers have asked for ideas for different ways to use task cards. I am working on a project to address that question more fully, but in the meantime I created these three game boards that you can use for reinforcing skills in almost any subject. Each game includes student instructions, along with the game board. Just glue them into file folders, add task

SCOOT is a fun game to play with your class that uses task cards and gets your students out of their desks and moving. Check out these SCOOT solutions for when you happen to have more students than task cards. These make for fun ways to adapt SCOOT so that every student gets to participate!

SCOOT Solutions for When You Have More Students than Cards

If you use task cards to play the game SCOOT with your class, one problem you might have is having more students than cards. Here are some easy ways to solve this problem while also giving your students’ brains a little break. If you don’t know how to play SCOOT, it is a game that both teachers and students love. Scroll down for instructions.  

HedBanz is a game based on a simple game that we all used to play at parties when we were kids. Make your own subject-specific version DIY-style!

Make Your Own Subject Specific “HedBanz” Game

This year while holiday shopping, I kept running across the game HedBanz. It seemed to be pretty popular, and, in fact, my boyfriend’s 8-year-old got one for Christmas. What I thought was interesting is that this is basically just a version of a game we used to play at birthday parties when I was a kid. An adult would put the name of a famous or

Elf Hunt Fun Activity Freebie

FREE Elf Hunt Christmas Week Activity!

Here is a fun game to play with your students during that last week before the holiday break! Just print and cut out the twelve numbered elves and hide them around your classroom.  Tell your students that twelves elves are hiding in the classroom, and it is their job to find them. During the week, students can search for the elves whenever they have a few

Thanksgiving Activities

Thanksgiving Challenge! Fun and FREE

Click here to get some free Thanksgiving-themed writing paper! Looking for an Engaging Thanksgiving activity? When I first started creating challenge worksheets, I was blown away by how many teachers said they loved them! So, I decided to create a similar activity for Thanksgiving. Your students will love this fun combination of creative thinking, trivia/research, and math. You can use it in class as bell

11-11-11 Challenge – Free Scavenger Hunt Activity!

This year, November 11 is rather a special date…three elevens! 11-11-11 is considered by many to be a particularly lucky number, so this date is considered to be lucky, as well – some would say extremely lucky. 11-11-11 also happens to be my birthday, so I made a fun little birthday present for you and your students. This activity is perfect for grades 3-8 and will

Free Jenga Multiplication and Addition Games

Why use flashcards or worksheets to practice basic facts when you can use a game instead? You can use these free fact strips to make Jenga into a game students will love to play again and again. If you don’t have a class Jenga set already, you can probably find one for a dollar or two at a thrift store.     The game requires

Fact Swap Freebie!

Here is a fun game you can play with your class to review a unit you are studying or maybe to debrief after a guest speaker, a field trip, or a lesson in which a lot of information has been presented. You could actually play this game on notebook paper or by having students draw a nine-square grid on their papers, or you could download

How do you generate discussion in your classroom? The same old techniques? I suggest switching things up with "would you rather" questions! These provide excellent opportunities for creative and critical thinking, and they encourage lively discussion and sometimes even debate. This post explores "would you rather" questions, how you can use them, and why you should consider using them. Click through to read more!

Exploring “Would You Rather…” Questions

Would you rather… teach a year of third grade using no books or print media of any kind? or teach a year of third grade using no pencils, whiteboard, or writing materials of any kind? Click the image to get your own free copy of ready-to-use and ready-to-make Would You Rather slides.   “Would you rather…” questions are great for practicing critical thinking because they require

This back to school "snowball" fight activity will have your students getting up and moving around the classroom to get to know each other. Extend the activity by repeating it with new facts--or use the same ones again!

Back to School “Snowball” Fight

Grab this FREE back to school Presentation that’s great for virtual learning! Get to Know Each Other This Year! Students love those first day ice breakers! Here is a quick and really fun get-to-know-you activity for the first week of school. Have each student take out a sheet of notebook paper and write three interesting, but not widely known, facts about him or herself. Students

Playing games is a great way to start off a new school year and help students break the ice with one another. This Get to Know You Jenga makes for the perfect icebreaker activity - and it's free! Click through to learn more in this blog post and to download your freebie.

Free – Get-to-Know-You Jenga!

Here is a fun way to take the game Jenga™ to a whole new level while helping your students to get to know each other better. Just download these free Jenga statement slips, cut them apart and tape them to the bottom of your Jenga™ blocks (great job for a student or parent helper).     Play the game as usual, but when a student pulls

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