Back to School Ice Breakers FREE

Free Back to School Ice Breaker!

Grab this FREE back to school Presentation that’s great for virtual learning! Get to Know Each Other This Year! It is getting to that time

Task cards or flashcards can also be used with games with great success. These three free game boards incorporate task cards to have students learning and having fun while they do so! Click through to learn about each game board and to download them FREE!

3 Free Game Boards!

Lately, several teachers have asked for ideas for different ways to use task cards. I am working on a project to address that question more

Thanksgiving Activities

Thanksgiving Challenge! Fun and FREE

Click here to get some free Thanksgiving-themed writing paper! Looking for an Engaging Thanksgiving activity? When I first started creating challenge worksheets, I was blown

Fact Swap Freebie!

Here is a fun game you can play with your class to review a unit you are studying or maybe to debrief after a guest

What are some fun math games to play in the classroom?

Diffy – A Fun Subtraction Game!

Diffy is great for practicing subtraction, but it also requires students to think logically and identify patterns. It can be played with integers, negative numbers,

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