It's always a great idea to get a good seat for a parade, but that means you have to be there early. Check out these 5 fun things to do while you wait for a parade to start!

5 Fun Things to Do While Waiting for the Parade to Start

If you are going to a small town parade for Independence Day, you will most likely have to get there at least an hour before the parade starts in order to get a good place to sit. While you could bring along the Gameboy or iTouch to keep your little ones entertained, why not engage them in an activity that will make them more a

Diffy is a fun subtraction game that will get your students thinking about subtraction strategies. You can play it with whole numbers, integers, fractions, and more!

Diffy – A Fun Subtraction Game!

Diffy is great for practicing subtraction, but it also requires students to think logically and identify patterns. It can be played with integers, negative numbers, fractions, decimals, and money, but I think it is most fun with whole numbers. It’s great for kids, but adults enjoy playing, too. Begin by writing four different numbers into the four circles on each of the outer corners. Fill

This math scavenger hunt will have your students doing math without even realizing it! Sometimes making math into a game is the best way to have students practice.

Math Scavenger Hunt

Here is a fun math scavenger hunt to try with your students! How many zeroes are in one million? What is an object that is exactly five inches long? How many prime numbers come before 100? How many nickels are in twenty dollars? What do all the numbers on a computer keyboard add up to? What is the circumference of your head? How many stacked

Take your class outside to celebrate Earth Day with a nature scavenger hunt! This fun scavenger hunt will have them searching for items in nature, where they can explore and learn more about their environment.

Nature Scavenger Hunt for Earth Day

  Take your students on a nature walk! It’s a beautiful day for a walk! When it starts warming up, don’t you (and your students!) just want to stay outside just a little bit longer? Why not let your students take a nature walk?! You can download this free printable or digital scavenger hunt activity to make your outdoor time extra fun! Scavenger hunts are a

Free Word-O-Rama (Similar to Boggle) Task Cards!

Grab this super fun Word-O-Rama Freebie! Word-O-Rama is played like Boggle. Each card is a different game. At a literacy center For fast finishers With partners or small groups (use the same card, score only unique words) As morning work (display for the whole class) Or any time you have a few spare minutes Students can play with or without a time limit. They can

Play this Harry Potter version of Would You Rather questions! Get your students discussing the story and characters in a new light with these questions.

Harry Potter Would You Rather Questions

You’ve read the books. You have probably seen the movies…so why not try these Harry Potter Would You Rather Questions? Great fun for your and your students! NOTE: As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualifying purchases. Would You Rather… 1 Have Ron for a friend or Have Hermione for a friend 2 Fight the basilisk or Fight a dementor 3 Spend a weekend with Dudley Dursley

If you and your students have read the books and seen the movies, then I bet you'll love these Hunger Games Would You Rather questions!

"Hunger Games" Would You Rather Questions

Got a few extra minutes? Here are some fun Would you Rather Questions to use with your students once you have read The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.   If you are looking for another fun Hunger Games activity, try Panem to Panem, a game based on The Hunger Games and inspired by the popular party game Apples to Apples®. Would You Rather… 1 Have Katniss for a friend

Schools everywhere are moving away from class birthday celebrations involving food, largely due to the diverse number food allergies kids might have. Plus, most teachers don't want to give their students cupcakes, causing them to have a "sugar high"! What can we do instead? Check out this list of alternative class birthday ideas, none of which involve food and all of which still make kids feel special on their birthdays.

No More Cupcakes – Alternative Class Birthday Ideas

We have all had our class birthday treats horror stories. Mine was a parent who sent in two dozen doughnuts – all different shapes, sizes, and flavors. That was fun. One of my friends had to deal with a fancy cake that was clearly not big enough for the class, ice cream, and no plates, spoons, or serving utensils.   On top of logistics, today many children have

Are you a parent looking for something to occupy your kids while they're home for winter break? This scavenger hunt will have them searching and playing!

Winter Break Scavenger Hunt

Winter Break Scavenger Hunt How many letters are in your full name? Who has the longest name in your family? Find something that is eight inches long. What exactly is Wassail? Find something that is red and white. Find something that is used to fix something. What is the first ingredient in eggnog? Find something with numbers on it. On what date does Hanukkah start next

Tsuro is an Eastern-inspired game that is simple in its essence but complex in play. It's a wonderful game to play with the whole family.

Tsuro Makes a Great Family Game

Every holiday season, I pick out two or three family board games. The clear favorite this year is Tsuro. I would have never found Tsuro on my own. While beautiful, it is not flashy and doesn’t scream out how great it is. I would not have even noticed it on the shelf. I only bought it because the guy at the game store said it was a good

Halloween Would You Rather Questions

Halloween Would You Rather Questions

You don’t have to stop the learning just because it’s Halloween! Would You Rather questions are super engaging, but they also help students gain important 21st century skills such as… Respectful Discussion & Debate Critical thinking skills Communicating thoughts and ideas Defending thoughts and opinions Being open to new perspectives Flexibility in thinking Adopting a personal point of view Download this Halloween Would You Rather

Most families keep books or odds and ends at their coffee table. Why not make your coffee table a place for a little bit of higher level thinking? These games make great additions to your coffee table for your own family and guests to play.

Higher Level Thinking and Your Coffee Table

Big, expensive books with pretty pictures are nice, but they don’t engage your brain all that much. Consider some of these alternatives for your coffee table. NOTE: As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualifying purchases. Tangram Puzzles: 500 Tricky Shapes to Confound & Astound Puzzles are always a good thing, and tangrams are great for improving those spatial skills. The shapes are challenging, but not impossible,

Waiting can be challenging for adolescents, so here are three fun word games to play while waiting at the bank, in line for a ride, or other times that you find yourself waiting with your kids.

3 More Games to Play While Waiting

Whether you are standing in line at the bank or standing in line to ride Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland, waiting can be a trying time for kids. Here are three verbal games to make things more fun. These are aimed at older children. If you have little kids, take a peek at 3 Ways to Entertain Small Children While Waiting. Alphabetically Speaking Choose a random letter of

10 Fun Activities for Dictionary Skills

10 FUN Activities for Dictionary Skills

10 Awesome Dictionary Activities Are you looking for some fun activities for National Dictionary Day? It’s October 16th, which was Noah Webster’s (the father of the American dictionary) birthday! Hopefully, you’ve got dictionaries, maybe even a class set. They are, of course, great for looking up words and you will use them to teach dictionary skills, but there are also other great things you can do

Christmas Would You Rather Questions

Christmas Would You Rather Questions

Download a fun digital version of the activity as well as a printable student version. Here are some fun “Would you rather…” Christmas questions to use during the holiday season. “Would You Rather”, “This or That” – Whatever you call this game, your students will love it!  You’ll love the: Respectful Discussion & Debate Critical thinking skills Communicating thoughts and ideas Defending thoughts and opinions

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