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This Minds in Bloom guest blogger shares some really great tips on turning bulletin boards into classroom games. There are a variety of games that you can play once you've completed a bulletin board WITH your students. Who knew?!

Turning Bulletin Boards into Classroom Games

Hello!  My name is Rachael from The Classroom Game Nook Blog.  Thanks to Rachel Lynette for allowing me to share some tips with her readers today! As you might guess by the title of my blog, I’m a big fan of classroom games to promote a meaningful and engaging learning environment.  I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that most students would much prefer

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Do you need more rigorous spelling practice in your instruction? Our guest blogger shares her three best apps for spelling practice in this post. She explains how each app works and what she likes about it.

3 Best Apps for Spelling Practice

Hi!  My name is Amy, and I’m from 180 Days of Reading.  I am a Reading Specialist and former kindergarten teacher with a first grader at home. Some days I feel like I eat, sleep, and breathe spelling patterns.  I hit a wall at home with my first grader and spelling homework this year.  I was tired of the “write your words three times each”

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Our guest blogger shares five fun word games that you can use to practice vocabulary and build word mastery in your students. These games have them practicing the words in a variety of fun ways that incorporate reading, writing, speaking, and listening!

5 Fun Word Games for Vocabulary Practice

Say hi to our wonderful guest blogger, Alicia Christian, aka The Elementary Professor!   Vocabulary practice is something teachers are always trying to increase.  Now, with more reading in the content areas, it has become critically important for students to have a well-developed vocabulary to both understand a subject and to increase fluency while reading about it.   But what can we do to give students repeated experiences with

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Need fun ways to practice multiplication? Here's a list of 11 fun games and activities that you can do with your class to help them strengthen their multiplication skills.

Fun Ways to Practice Multiplication

Minds in Bloom is happy to introduce Lauren from Mrs. Thompson’s Treasures with her post on how to get students to have fun while practicing their multiplication. Enjoy!   Multiplication is one of those skills in math that kids really will use almost every day of their lives. Thankfully, it’s also a skill that can be practiced in many fun ways. Here are some great

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Games in the classroom are the perfect replacement for timed tests and other forms of standardized assessment. Watch your students' mastery soar with games, plus - some of your students might even learn hidden skills, like following directions and social skills! Click through to read more about the experiment our guest blogger did with games in lieu of timed tests.

Games in the Classroom

Minds in Bloom welcomes Krista Mahan of Teaching Momster. We know you’ll love her post on games in the classroom! Let’s take a look at two classrooms. In the first classroom, students are all sitting in their seats, taking a timed test.  Some are already finished and doodling on the back of their page.  Others are using their fingers to figure out an answer.  A few are looking

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Fold the Line is an easy but thought-provoking game that will help your students get to know each other, build social skills, and discuss controversial (or not) topics. Click through to learn more about this engaging and authentic classroom activity!

Fold the Line

Minds in Bloom is happy to present Terri Izatt from KinderKapers with a guest post on the game Fold the Line. We know you’ll love it!   This is an exciting time of year as we are thinking about going back to school and getting to know a new batch of students.  How do we build rapport with all these new little (or not-so-little) people?

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Magic Square Puzzles are a creation by Heather of HoJo's Teaching Adventures. They're the perfect supplement for both ELA and math, and they're perfect for review, enrichment, and early finishers! Learn more about them in her guest post on Minds in Bloom and get a forever freebie to some sampler puzzles!

Using Magic Square Puzzles in the Classroom

Minds in Bloom is pleased to welcome Heather from HoJo’s Teaching Adventures! Check out her awesome video to learn about Magic Square Puzzles and what an awesome teaching tool they can be! Have you heard of Magic Square Puzzles? If not, then you are in for a real treat! These puzzles are extremely engaging for students. They work well to review concepts, to fill time

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Brain breaks are great to incorporate into your day in the classroom, but they should be focused on more than just movement. This Roll a Brain Break activity will have your students working on things like coordination and spatial awareness, too!

Brain Breaks Freebie!

Brain Breaks are fun, of course, but I take them very seriously (in a good way!). Research has shown that kids need to move in order to keep focusing and learning. However, in my opinion moving should not be the only goal. While doing a few jumping Jacks or stretches may accomplish the goal of movement, it doesn’t do a whole lot else. A Brain

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How often do you take the learning outside? Here is a list of games that should be played outdoors, and they can all be adapted to include learning while they're played. Read more in this post!

Games for Bringing the Learning Outside

  It’s hard to stay indoors during these last few days of spring before summer break, but you still have things to teach, and giving your students another recess is not going to fly with your administration. So why not take the learning outdoors? Here are some ideas for meaningful learning while getting your kids moving in the sunshine. For all of these, you will

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Our guest blogger, who is a tutor, shares her insight on how to expand the use of your file folder games. She gives a list of ways to adapt several games to stretch them further and make the most of them for learning benefits!

Expand the Use of Your File Folder Games!

We all know how motivating games can be in the classroom.  In this post Adrianne Meldrum of The Tutor House shares some great ideas for using file folders, as well as a Halloween freebie!  Thank you to Rachel for inviting me to write here on Minds in Bloom.  Ever since I stumbled upon Rachel two years ago, I’ve been ever amazed at the high quality posts here

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It's easy to integrate technology into your social studies class with the GeoGuessr geography game! This website allows your students to determine where in the world they are using the Street View capability with Google Maps. Teach your students how to look for clues in the Street View, and let them play!

Where in the World Are We? Lovin’ the GeoGuessr Geography Game!

Please welcome the talented Kristen of Aspire to Inspire!  Today she shares a fun and engaging way to get students excited about social studies.  Thanks for giving us so many great sites to go and explore, Kristen! I’m always on the lookout for engaging and authentic learning activities to encourage students’ interest in social studies and to help them understand its relevance in their lives. This

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Mathtopia is a math facts app that's available in the App Store. Teachers can purchase the app and then have their students play rigorous games for mastery!

Mathtopia – Best Math Facts App Ever!

For all you teachers (and parents) with iPads, I recently discovered a great app for reinforcing math facts. I am a big fan of making learning fun, and Mathtopia does just that. The game incorporates aspects of the popular arcade game Bejeweled, which not only makes it highly addictive (or as 9-year-old Claire says, “addictingly fun”), but it also adds a challenging element of logical thinking into

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Quiz, Quiz, Trade is a fun kinesthetic game created by Kagan Cooperative Learning. Read more about how to use Rachel Lynette's task cards with Quiz, Quiz, Trade in this post.

Quiz, Quiz, Trade

Looking for a new and fun way to use task cards with your  students? Try the Kagan cooperative learning game Quiz, Quiz, Trade. One reason this game is popular with both  kids and teachers is that it gets your students up and moving. Not only that but you can also use it to review pretty much any subject. Here is how to play: Select a

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